Discovering the North West Coast of Tenerife in a camper van

garachico in tenerife in a caravan

One of the most fascinating routes to do in a camper van in Tenerife is the route along the northwest coast. This area stands out for its cliffs, charming villages, forests and, of course, the refreshing natural pools. Start the journey by driving your campervan along the TF-42 towards the town of Garachico. This was the [...]

Anaga and its secret beaches: a magical route in a camper van

anaga and secret beaches in Tenerife by caravan

One of Tenerife's great attractions for campervan trips is undoubtedly the Anaga Biosphere Reserve. Located on the north-eastern tip of the island, this area stands out for its lush laurel forests and the trails that allow you to explore this green paradise. On arrival, park [...]

Discover the north of Tenerife: promenades and natural pools


If you are going to tour the island of Tenerife in a camper van, you cannot miss the fascinating northern area. This region is noted for its lush forests, cliffs, charming villages and, of course, its stunning natural pools by the ocean. Start the route by heading to the town of Puerto de la Cruz. This was [...]

Explore the Teide National Park in depth in your camper van

Teide National Park by caravan

The Teide National Park is a natural environment that you cannot miss if you visit Tenerife in a camper van. Travelling through its diverse volcanic environments and spending the night in this impressive landscape will be an unforgettable adventure. To get there, head along the TF-21 road until you see the majestic silhouette of the Pico del Teide and its altitude of [...]

South coast of Tenerife: sun, beaches and water sports

playa-de-los-cristianos-tenerife-hire a caravan in Tenerife

The southern coast of Tenerife is a region not to be missed if you are travelling around the island in a camper van. Radiant sunshine, golden sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a wide variety of water sports await you in this corner of the south of Tenerife. Start your tour in the tourist resorts of Los Cristianos and Los Cristianos and [...]